Low-Cost Embedded Camera System for Measuring Vehicle Speed Using Raspberry Pi 4 with Background Subtraction

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  • Published: September 7, 2023
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Monitoring the traffic situation is essential due to the increasing number of vehicles in Indonesia. This aims to regulate vehicle traffic on the highway and reduce the number of accidents generally caused by vehicles exceeding the speed limit. In cities with advanced technology, traffic can be monitored using cameras installed at different points on busy highways, commonly done by using a CCTV camera (Closed-circuit Television). When installed in strategic places around the road, CCTV can be very useful to track vehicle speed. Raspberry pi 4 and background subtraction with the aid of shape recognition technology have been proven decent strategies for image processing techniques, especially when dealing with static backgrounds. This research has demonstrated that speed detection with Raspberry pi 4 and the background subtraction can detect vehicle speed, as evidenced by accuracy of 93.2%.

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