Design of Wheeled Robot Navigation for Monitoring of Room Temperature based on Behavior-Based Control

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  • Published: September 7, 2023
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A robot is a mechanical and electrical device that can perform physical tasks, with or without human control. An autonomous mobile robot can behave independently (only once needing direction). The increase in the development of robot science influence human life and substitute for finishing difficult work. Such as if there is a natural disaster like an increase in extreme temperatures that humans can’t solve directly, they need a robot to detect its temperature and be capable to transfer the data automatically. To make a robot can be run automatically, we need a behavior method-based robot control and PID motor control on its robot actuator. PID parameters can be chosen according to the robot's needs so that the robot can move around as you wish. The PID control effectiveness testing is performed by giving the PID control load 200 gr 320 gr and testing on the sandy floor. On testing the PID with the weight 200 gr get rise times 1.3 seconds, 1.7 seconds, 0 seconds, and 22.2 seconds. On testing weight, 320 gr obtained rise times 1.1 seconds, 8.4 seconds, 0 seconds, 13.7 seconds, and on testing is rise time 4.9 seconds, 15.7 seconds, 0 seconds, and 13.7 seconds. To determine the success rate of robot navigation conducted testing with a trial of 10 x with a success rate of 60%.

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