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  • Published: September 7, 2023
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Eggs are food items that can be easily damaged. Damage to eggs can occur due to age and the handling process during storage. To avoid this damage, proper storage methods are needed. In this study, there are several storage methods, namely outside storage methods, inside storage boxes, and refrigerator storage. To estimate the shelf life of eggs, this study used RGB cameras, NIR cameras, NIR cameras + filters, smartphone cameras, and spectrometers. The data retrieval process is carried out by taking an image of the age of the eggs in each storage method. The image results are then extracted using ImageJ software from the extraction results, and the data is used as a graph to see the egg's shelf-life phase. Data analysis was done by calculating the RGB values in 4 egg images and then normalization. A statistical correlation test was used to determine the coefficient of determination (R2) and the degree of suitability of the independent and dependent variables. From the coefficient of determination, a good index for estimating the shelf life of eggs is good for each egg.

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