A Movement Control System for Surgical Lighting with Rasberry-Based Image Processing Method

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  • Published: September 7, 2023
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The surgical lighting is a medical device used to help medical personnel during surgery by focusing light on the local area or the patient’s cavity. One of the problems during surgery is the dependence on lighting due to blocked light by medical personnel in the operating room. The purpose of this article is to design a surgical lighting drive control system with an automatic raspberry-based image processing method so that the illumination of the operation leads to injury. The drive system in surgical lighting uses image processing methods with data input in the form of images taken directly at a certain time. Image input is managed using image processing methods, namely camshift and median filter. Images from RGB are then converted to HSV. The HSV value is used as the threshold in the camshift method for tracking objects. The median filter method is applied to minimize errors due to noise. The experimental results obtained an optimal image resolution of 320x240 to capture images in real-time with a delay in image changes.

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